Let our platform orchestrate your people, processes and systems to act together as one, reducing inefficiency and stress while maximizing productivity.


Add to or replace outmoded or outdated mainframe or client/server functions with API integrated Microservices to facilitate moving towards Digital Transformation.


Incorporate Micro Token Exchange data security wherever needed in your processes and systems to prevent hacking and demonstrate compliance for  GDPR and other requirements.



Document your present systems, your Digital Transformation goals and monitor the progress with real time gap analysis. At the same time be audit ready for GDPR and other compliance audits.

Incorporate API Integration and Robotic Process Automation to reduce errors, increase worker productivity and allow your people to use their talents on tasks that only they can accomplish.

Integrate Your Business for Streamlined Success


To survive in today's economy, companies need to automate their operations and integrate their software to compete in the tech-forward world without rewriting their infrastructure. Mesh does this by providing end to end solutions for your company with our multi level platfroms.


Mesh specializes in (1) quickly and efficiently connecting API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow business applications to “ text” each other with commands and data, and (2) creating and implementing business workflows that can use these connections to further connect those applications. This can include automating the steps workers now do manually with keyboard and mouse. We do this through powerful workflows and custom integrations to unify business processes and streamline communications between technologies.

We've got all the tools you need to streamline your business processes to scale your business.



Workflows for Any Software in Any Programming Language


In fact, we can create a digital strategy for your company without rewriting your infrastructure.

Our powerful workflows allow us to orchestrate processes in ANY industry in ANY computer language. Not quite sure what you need? We've got prebuilt packages that will fit any budget- low or high.

Mesh Integration is the interpreter companies need to integrate, automate, and operate at a level that allows them to stay relevant in today's world while saving a substantial amount of time and money. We're giving developers and business owners alike hours of time back to focus on their company needs.





Don't just secure your database

Big data breaches are happening quicker and causing more damage than ever before. Hackers are finding loopholes in passwords and systems. We've partnered with the BEST companies in the world to secure your data with the best technology around! We don't just offer you an encrypted and secure vault to store your data, but encryption for every individual piece of data stored! Whether it's in rest or in motion, Security can be tokenize at each individual data entry, so even if a hacker could get in, they would need to get the token for each piece of data stored, and we store junk tokens and data in there too!

Beef up your company's data security for GDPR with us! Data in motion or data at rest is entirely safe with our solution. Contact us for more info on how we can secure your companies data better than ever before!




Visual documentation for the new age

Have you ever wanted to document your systems architecture but never knew where to start? Or found the task too daunting? Our visual documentation tool can document systems, roles, API's, you name it. Switch between different graphing formats like swimlane, dependency matrix, process flow and more on the fly!

In case of a GDPR audit, you will need to show your compliance on all levels. With our intuitive and easy to use visual documentation platform you can provide just that and more! Forget the Excel spreadsheets, document your systems architecture in the new age!

For more info on our documentation platform, contact us!