Mesh up your business and document it with the New EA

Your business has a mesh architecture whether you realize it or not. Every day the mesh gets more valuable to you and your customers. But, as this happens, a map of this architecture becomes ever more difficult to maintain and share. Then a crisis occurs and your people scramble to piece together enough of a map to enable them to address the issue with competence and confidence.

The new EA (the discipline formerly known as Enterprise Architecture) is focused on this type of prevention and cost avoidance. It is also focused on enhanced business outcomes. And the leading edge tools it provides are more than up to these tasks

Consider the advantages of a single “ground truth” repository for your business stretching from the boardroom guidelines through regulatory requirements, business processes, applications, databases and networks. Then consider that this repository automatically displays this data and its inter-relationships automatically and in real time.

This essential functionality is available now and will continue to provide ever richer insights through your customized queries and the addition of AI tools and predictive analytics. All that is required is for you to understand the benefits and start the journey to a clear and comprehensive real time map of your business that will generate a positive ROI from day one.

I will continue to explore the many facets this revolution in EA provides in subsequent posts.