Confused by GDPR? Let us help you. We are Mesh Integration, the “HOW” of your GDPR Compliance Journey

Level 1- InformatioN, Research and preparation guidElines

  • All the informational GDPR resources required to get started - curated, organized and current

Level 2 - Task Management

  • An online workflow service which identifies, organizes, assigns and monitors each individual task required for your GDPR compliance journey

Level 3 - ProcesS,Data Mapping and DOCUMENTATION

  • Enterprise Architecture graph database to enter, store and maintain current GDPR compliance data

  • Stores, establishes relationships and automatically graphically displays key GDPR relevant data.

  • Covers all the way from board and c-level directives, through the specific GDPR regulations, business processes and all the way down to network and security specifications

  • Audit-ready and business focused graphical and report presentations of key compliance views and gap analysis

Level 4 - IntegrationS and WORKFLOWS

  • Workflow driven API integration of Level 3 with your internal systems keeps your compliance data perpetually current