gdpr and Mesh integration

Mesh Integration LLC is uniquely equipped to assist you and your enterprise in preparing documentation to satisfy the May 25, 2018 requirements in the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We provide firms, large and small, with the connectivity and tools for integrating disparate internal and external systems into efficient and coherent business processes. To enable these interconnected systems to be effectively used and efficiently maintained we also provide documentation in a best-of-class tool specifically designed to meet the needs of GDPR. We are uniquely qualified to assist you in this work right now.

GDPR demands that the entire integrated constellation of business systems be thoroughly and understandably documented and that their interconnections and shared data be explicitly identified and catalogued. Furthermore, the relationships, uses of data and interconnections must also be presented and displayed in a way that clearly and simply relates them to the associated GDPR article. Finally, since compliance is an ongoing demand, not a one time certification, our expertise in API connectivity and workflow allows us to tie the tool to your systems, making future updates much simpler or even automatic.




Don't just secure your database

Big data breaches are happening quicker and causing more damage than ever before. Hackers are finding loopholes in passwords and systems. We've partnered with the BEST companies in the world to secure your data with the best technology around! We don't just offer you an encrypted and secure vault to store your data, but encryption for every individual piece of data stored! Whether it's in rest or in motion, Security can be tokenize at each individual data entry, so even if a hacker could get in, they would need to get the token for each piece of data stored, and we store junk tokens and data in there too!

Beef up your company's data security for GDPR with us! Data in motion or data at rest is entirely safe with our solution. Contact us for more info on how we can secure your companies data better than ever before!




Visual documentation for the new age

Have you ever wanted to document your systems architecture but never knew where to start? Or found the task too daunting? Our visual documentation tool can document systems, roles, API's, you name it. Switch between different graphing formats like swimlane, dependency matrix, process flow and more on the fly!

In case of a GDPR audit, you will need to show your compliance on all levels. With our intuitive and easy to use visual documentation platform you can provide just that and more! Forget the Excel spreadsheets, document your systems architecture in the new age!

For more info on our documentation platform, contact us!