GDPR Audit Readiness Seminar

Much work is currently being done by consultants and attorneys to educate and prepare their clients for GDPR compliance. The efforts initiated through this work  are absolutely necessary but they are not sufficient to make their clients audit ready. 

We are planning seminars focused on how a best-in-class enterprise architecture tool can fulfill the need for a client to remain perpetually audit ready.

  • Perpetually because, once implemented, such a system can remain up-to-date automatically via connections to each of the I.T. systems which it documents.
  • Audit ready because the information is automatically consolidated by the system into easily displayed system and process diagrams, tables and graphs.


Review our video and complete the form below to let us know whether breakfast or lunch would be best time for you to attend the seminar. Add any topics you would like for us to discuss in future seminars. 


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