Integrate - Automate - Operate

Who We Are

Mesh Integration helps organizations get and stay ahead of the competition, saving a substantial amount of time and money in the process. Mesh “Streamlines Technology Communication" in any industry and with any computer language to make your team more productive and engaged while minimizing errors and repetitive tasks. Our solutions let your people do more of what is most valuable to your enterprise and those tasks that are the best and most motivating use of their talents.

 Mesh specializes in (1) quickly and efficiently connecting API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow business applications to “ text” each other with commands and data, and (2) creating and implementing business workflows that can use these connections to further connect those applications. This can include automating the steps workers now do manually with keyboard and mouse. We do this through powerful workflows and custom integrations to unify business processes and streamline communications between technologies.

 We also provide our platform for online documentation for European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) audits to help avoid massive penalties, while offering data security through Micro Token Exchange (MTE) technology. In addition, by using Mesh’s platform, the online GDPR documentation can self-update directly from your systems using API's. Unlock your company’s potential with Mesh Integration.

What We Do

• Streamline Technology Communication

• Streamline business workflow processes

• Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

• Build custom integration and workflows

• Create an optimized client experience

• Prepare your company’s compliance documentation for     GDPR

• Add and integrate new features quickly

Product Offerings

• Thousands of Functional Connection

• Updated Customer Data

• Real Time Documentation Process

• User Friendly Interface

• Workflows for any software

• Pre-built packages for startups

• Software integrations

• Connect to legacy and current systems

• Data Security